• Agricultural Building - Berryville AR
    The single-story stone building was constructed by the WPA in 1940. It is of native stone veneer, quarried from the George Keck farm north of Berryville (Story, 1992). It is in the Plain Traditional style.
  • Berryville Gymnasium - Berryville AR
    The single story stone building was designed in a "Plain Traditional" style with "minimal Craftsman influences" and included a stone chimney on the western elevation (Story, 1992). The building was constructed by 50 local laborers employed by the WPA.
  • Post Office - Berryville AR
    "In late 1937, Congress authorized $70 million for public works projects over a three-year period. The majority of those were post offices, and among four in Arkansas was a new post office for Berryville in mountainous Carroll County. The building was designed in 1938 and erected in 1938-9 by Linbarger and Fraser, Contractors, of Camden, Arkansas. Louis A. Simon was the supervising architect for the project, Neal A. Melick was supervising engineer, W.G. Noll was superintendent of architecture, and J.A. Ackerman was construction engineer. The new Berryville Post Office opened for business on August 31, 1939, leaving its previous location on...
  • Post Office Sculptures - Berryville AR
    "Daniel Olney was commissioned for $750 to create a mural for Berryville, Arkansas on the basis of merit of the model submitted in the Salina, Kansas Competition. The figures were designed for Salina, Kansas, but were transformed into man and woman for Arkansas. Olney specifically created a plow and guitar to show a union of work and play. He encountered some trouble relating the sculpture to the wall, their smaller size, approximately three feet tall, does not entirely cover the space above the postmaster's door. In this mural, Rural Arkansas is characterized by the figures of a farmer on the right...