The Technique of Fresco Painting

(24:58) b/w, silent
In this film, students at Evander Childs High School, New York City, help artist James Michael Newell paint a mural depicting the history of western civilization. On reel 1, the materials (slaked lime, marble dust, and pigments) are prepared, and preliminary and full-size drawings and perforated tracings are made. Then the design is pounded through the perforations onto a recently plastered wall. On reel 2, the design lines are in...

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California Recreation

(11:23) b/w, silent
On WPA-sponsored recreation projects in California. Shows bike polo in Monterey, bee keeping in Paso Robles, trout fly making in San Luis Obispo, pottery shaping in Morro Bay, children with model airplanes in San Francisco, swimming in San Diego, archery classes in Redding, girls’ calisthenics in Sacramento, puppet show in Stockton, rope trick exhibition in Modesto, lawn bowling in Oakland, bicycle races in a San Jose velodrome, and a ...

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Danger on the Streets

(8:01) b/w, silent
Demonstrates lack of caution by pedestrians which results in traffic fatalities: crossing in the center of the block, from between parked cars, while reading newspapers, etc.; hitchhiking in the street; and children chasing balls, etc. into roadways. Shows many scenes of traffic conditions in Los Angeles, California.

A Better New York City

(8:30) b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in New York City. Shows warehouses and streets under construction in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Wharves are repaired, sewer pipe laid, and street car tracks removed. Buildings are razed along East River Drive. The New York Public Library is reroofed. Relief maps of the city are made. A stained glass window is placed in the West Point Academy dining hall. Children receive instruction in handicraft. ...

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A Better Missouri

(9:41) b/w, sound
On WPA projects in Missouri. Gravel is quarried. Streets are paved in St. Louis and county roads surfaced. The Joplin airport is graded and surfaced. Shows schools under construction. A square dance is held in the Winona community hall. Clay is dug, sampled, and made into pottery. Women learn hand weaving. Shows agricultural exhibits at the Sedalia State Fair and nursery school activities. WPA geological units survey for water, wells are dug, and ...

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Man Against the River

(10:16) b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) flood relief operations in the Ohio River Valley. Flood waters rage in the Upper Ohio Valley in January, 1937. Boats are used to rescue persons trapped in buildings. The Red Cross distributes food at an outdoor kitchen. The WPA distributes clothing. Nurses inoculate children for typhoid. Levees and sea walls are constructed in the Lower Ohio Valley. Harry Hopkins, Gen. Edward M. Markham, Col. F.C. Harrin...

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(11:12) b/w, sound
Rain water seeps beneath the earth’s surface to form ground water. Diagrams the formation of artesian wells, hot springs, and geysers. “Old Faithful” in Yellowstone Park erupts. Describes the action of acid ground water in forming underground caverns, natural bridges, and petrified forests. Shows the Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico; Mammoth Cave, Kentucky; Natural Bridge, Virginia; and the petrified forests of Arizona.

A Better Illinois

(9:12) b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects in Illinois. Shows a dam at Greenville under construction. City streets are paved with brick, and sewer pipes are laid. An airport is graded and a drainage system installed. Shows activities in a WPA sewing room. Peaches are canned in a cannery operated by the WPA and the National Youth Administration. Shows the operation of a WPA trachoma clinic. County roads are graded and resurfaced. Abraham Linco...

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The Shenandoah National Park

(10:34) b/w, silent
Shows scenic beauty and recreational facilities in the park. Visitors hike, swim, picnic, and view scenery. Boys stand retreat at a camp of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the park.

Tiny Water Animals

(10:16) color, sound
A drop of water is studied under a microscope. Shows rotifers, protozoa, cilia, paramecia, bristle worms, and small snails. Describes the cilia’s reproductive processes and the amoeba’s digestion.