Federal Theater in Los Angeles

(14:30) b/w, silent
Shows brief shots of rehearsal and pre-rehearsal activity: costuming, stage setting, script preparation, etc. Shows scenes from Federal Theatre productions: “Arabian Nights,” “Hansel and Gretel,” “Don Quixote,” “The Merchant of Venice,” “Seventh Heaven,” etc.

CCC at Mono

(14:44) b/w, silent
On construction of the Mono Debris Dam in California by Civilian Conservation Corps units. Excavations are made with steam shovels, concrete is mixed and poured, and bulldozers scrape away a hillside. Shows views of the completed dam and many scenic shots of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

At The Circus Circa 1936

(5:33) b/w, silent
Horses and tractors pull rolling cages from railroad flat cars as a circus is unloaded in an unidentified town. The cages are pulled to the circus lot. Elephants assist in the erection of the main tent. Shows aerial views of the circus grounds. Horses, camels, elephants, and a steam calliope appear in a formal street parade.

Glimpses of Texas Circa 1936

(10:10) b/w, silent
Shows the natural resources and beauty of Texas. Shows oil fields, the U.S. helium plant (Bureau of Mines) at Amarillo, sulphur mining on the Gulf coast, and extensive views of the Big Bend State Park, including activities of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Where the Trade Wind Blows

(8:22) b/w, sound
Documentary: Shows the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps on St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John and their beaches and palm trees. Locates Christiansted and Frediksted, the two largest cities on St. Croix. National Park Service sets up a CCC camp on the islands and employs natives for work projects; land irrigation, playground construction, tree planting. Show’s tree nurseries at St. Croix’s ECW Camp V-2.


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Mt. Rainier

(6:52)  b/w, silent
Civilian Conservation Corps workers transplant trees, break rocks, lay a cobblestone path, dig drainage ditches, and feed squirrels and a woodpecker in the park. Shows the snowcapped mountains and a close-up of “Pigeon Spring.”

Big Sur California

(10:29) b/w, silent
Shows CCC men at work in the State Park at Big Sur, California. CCC men cook on an outdoor grill, dig drainage ditches, split logs, crack rocks, unload supplies at camp, cut trails through the forest, operate power shovels, rollers and tractors, and ride to and from work in trucks. Tourists visit the park. Includes views of mountains, forests, a suspension bridge across a river, and Big Sur River.

USA 1936

(10:25) b/w, sound
On theater projects of the Works Progress Administration. WPA theater units present vaudeville shows (comedy teams, dancers, singers), minstrel and marionette shows, Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore, Macbeth with an all-Negro cast, and Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here at Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps, in parks, and in small-town theaters. Hollywood producer Adolph Zukor advises WPA theater officials. Shows brief scen...

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Flood Special Pennsylvania

(19:33) b/w, sound
On flood relief operations of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in Pennsylvania. Flood-damaged goods are shoveled out of stores in Sharpsburg. Debris and mud are cleaned from streets and dumped in the Allegheny River. Safety instructions are posted on telephone poles in McKees Rocks. Water is distributed by gasoline trucks. Salvation Army units dispense food to WPA workers. Flood-battered furniture is removed from New Kensington ho...

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