• Utah State Hospital Improvements – Provo UT

    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) made extensive improvements to the Utah State Hospital for the mentally handicapped in 1936-37.  WPA workers constructed a Recreation Center (now the Castle Amphitheater) and a Superintendent’s Residence (now the Hospital Museum), as well as… read more

  • John G. Carlisle Elementary School – Covington KY

    New Deal funds built the John G. Carlisle School in 1937. In 1992, it was demolished and a new school was built in its place.

  • Town Hall (former) – Blackstone MA

    The former Town Hall in Blackstone, Massachusetts was developed with the assistance of federal funds during the New Deal. While documentation is not entirely clear, writing suggests that multiple New Deal agencies were involved in the town hall building’s initial… read more

  • Library (former) Improvements – Millville MA

    The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.) furnished the labor for the expansion of the former library space at Millville, Massachusetts’s former town hall, located at the northeast corner of Main Street and Preston Street (across from where the current library… read more

  • J. J. Byrne Playground – Brooklyn NY

    Now known as the J. J. Byrne Playground, this was one of five “model playgrounds” designed as templates for further playground development by Robert Moses and his team after Moses assumed control of the New York City Parks Department in… read more

  • Scott County Jail and Courthouse Annex (former) – Forest MS

    The federal Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) supplied funds to undertake this county project during the 1930s. The jail was added to the rear of the courthouse with PWA project Miss. 1287-F. The courthouse was remodeled, with an Art Moderne style…. read more

  • Hall of History – Winston-Salem NC

    “The new Hall of History Building in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has been completed. It is a three-story brick structure which cost $32,000.” The building was constructed with the assistance of either the federal Works Progress Admininstration (WPA) or the Public… read more

  • Rhinelander Row Demolition – New York NY

    “Photograph dated May 5, 1937 of Works Progress Administration Project number 93. Rhinelander Row was located on Seventh Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets, Manhattan. Rhinelander Row was just one project in the Works Progress Administration to better the housing… read more

  • Tourist Information Building – Portland ME

    The Independent Reporter published a story on June 11, 1936 regarding a WPA project to build a tourist information building in Portland Maine. “Tourist Information Building To Be Built in Portland By The State The State, in connection with W.P.A…. read more

  • Bronx Terminal Market Expansion – Bronx NY

    From 1934 to 1935 the Bronx Terminal Market expansion project took place with New Deal support. The Market was one of eight indoor markets that New York Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia built or expanded with federal support. It was part of… read more