Matanuska Colony Community Center (Palmer Historic District) – Palmer AK

What is now the Palmer Alaska Historic District was founded in 1935 as the Matanuska Colony Project. It was one of 100 New Deal resettlement programs and involved major efforts by FERA and the Resettlement Administration. The town site of… read more

McComb Homesteads – McComb Homesteads MS

McComb Homesteads is a small community just three miles southeast of McComb, Mississippi.  It is located just off U.S. Route 98 east, with a highway sign—“HOMESTEADS”—indicating the entrance on the north side of the highway, onto Harrison Drive.  Harrison Drive… read more

Natchez Trace State Park – Wildersville TN

This Tennessee state park was developed by several New Deal  “on land bought from residents who could no longer farm the land due to erosion.” ( “Three New Deal agencies, the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC),… read more

Old Greenbelt Planned Community – Greenbelt MD

FDR Inspecting Plans for Greenbelt in 1937

The heart of today’s Greenbelt, Maryland – popularly known as “Old Greenbelt” – is a large, planned community laid out and constructed during the New Deal. It features community facilities such as a school, theater and community center, a large… read more

Osage Farms – Pettis Co. MO

The Resettlement Administration constructed the Osage Farms cooperative project across 13 miles in the northern part of Pettis County, Missouri from 1937-1943. Many of the original buildings, including a government farmhouse, still remain and are now listed on the National… read more

Resettlement Community – Fruita CO

View of farmland near Loma CO

The farmland around the town of Fruita in western Colorado was the site of a Resettlement Administration (RA) project that relocated poor farmers driven out by the Dust Bowl. Some 34 families had been relocated to Fruita by 1937. The… read more