Birch Bayh Federal Building Annex – Indianapolis IN

Birch Bayh Federal Building Annex

Annexes to the original federal building and courthouse dating to 1905 were completed in 1938. The entire structure was renamed for the late politician Birch Bayh in 2003. From the visitor’s guide to the complex: “Originally half its current size,… read more

Birch Bayh Federal Building Murals – Indianapolis IN

“Mail, Transportation and Delivery” murals

“Mail, Transportation and Delivery” and “Early Present Day Indianapolis Life” are two sets of murals painted by Grant Christian in 1935-6 with funding from the Treasury Relief Art Project. The artwork, which is not accessible to the general public, consists… read more

Birch Bayh Federal Building Friezes – Indianapolis IN

The Birch Bayh Federal Building annex (the rear portion of the building, toward E. New York St.) features two vehicular entrances—one at the northeast and one at the northwest corner of the building. They are capped by identical limestone friezes, titled “Distribution… read more