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Keep the New Deal Legacy Alive!
Your donations allow the Living New Deal to record the achievements of the New Deal.  As we map public works across the country, we are reminding Americans, in concrete terms, what enlightened government can do to serve the people. Our documentation is aiding students learn about US history, helping preservationists save historic sites, and assisting people tracing family histories.  Our tours, lectures, interviews, articles, and blog posts bring to light the New Deal’s continuing contribution to American life.

Your Contributions Keep Us Growing
Our catalogue and map have surpassed 13,000 sites and our network of research associates across the US has grown to 40 people, plus many more volunteers.  In the past two years alone, we have produced beautiful pocket maps and guides to New Deal San Francisco and New Deal New York.  We’ve launched a New Deal film archive with digital versions of over 100 films, several of which have been redigitized for improved quality. We have written up summaries of 60 New Deal programs and short biographies 40 New Deal leaders, as well as extensive bibliographies. In short, we have become a leading clearinghouse for New Deal information, known around the country for our work, and our website has been selected as one of the best new sites by Slate magazine!

With Your Help, We Can Do More
Your donations help us expand our web and social media presence, feature more human stories of the New Deal, help preserve New Deal art and architecture, and educate the public about the contributions of the New Deal. Here are some of our ongoing initiatives:

"Welding" Relief, Dundalk MD Post Office, 2013
Dundalk, MD
Photo Credit: Evan Kalish © All Rights Reserved

  • Producing a New Deal pocket map and guide to Washington, D.C.
  • Creating a SmartPhone App for crowdsourcing information on New Deal sites 
  • Convening a national New Deal preservation conference for professionals in the field of historic preservation
  • Working with the National Park Service & CCC Legacy to inventory CCC camps and projects
  • Expanding our network of volunteer research associates to all 50 states
  • Promoting the idea of a New New Deal with groups like the National Jobs for All coalition



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San Diego County Administration Center, exterior

San Diego County Administration Center, exterior
“The Noblest Motive is the Public Good”

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