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Keep the New Deal Legacy Alive!

Your donation helps the Living New Deal record and proclaim the achievements of the New Deal.  Our map of New Deal sites across the country reminds Americans, in concrete terms, what enlightened government can do to serve the people. This documentation aids students learning about US history, helps preservationists save historic sites, and assists people trace family histories.  With conferences, tours, lectures, interviews, articles, and blog posts we bring to light the New Deal’s continuing contribution to American life.

With Your Help, We Can Do More

Your donations help expand our educational work with these ongoing initiatives:

  • Produce a New Deal pocket map and guide to Washington, D.C. by 2021
  • Create an iPhone App for crowdsourcing New Deal sites 
  • Convene a national New Deal preservation conference to counter the destruction of buildings and artworks
  • Place signage at major New Deal sites around New York City, in conjunction with the American Institute of Architects 
  • Expand our network of National Associates and coordinate with historical societies and preservation offices in all 50 states
  • Keep reporting on the Green New Deal proposals and inject the lessons of the New Deal into the national policy debate

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