• King City High School Auditorium - King City CA
    "In 1937 construction was begun on the high school auditorium. It was to cost $179,000. Designed in a classic Greek rotunda rather than a traditional shape by famed architect Robert Stanton, it was completed in March of 1939." The auditorium, also known as the Robert Stanton Theater, is on the National Register of Historical Places, and was awarded with a 2005 Art Deco Preservation Award from the Art Deco Society of California.
  • Monterey County Courthouse - Salinas CA
    The Public Works Administration (PWA) helped fund construction of the magnificent Monterey County courthouse in downtown Salinas, California, which opened in 1937. New Deal funds supplemented a local bond issue to cover the cost of this large building, which covers a square block.   The cornerstone makes it clear that New Deal funding came from the PWA, not the Works Progress Administration (WPA), as claimed by the nearby historical marker. This is a common mistake, given the similarity of PWA and WPA. Robert Stanton was the architect and the design is Classical Moderne.  It was built with a large courtyard, which originally surrounded...