• Gallatin County Courthouse - Bozeman MT
    Jim Jenks writes: "Designed in the Moderne style" popular at the time, "Gallatin County's 1936 courthouse at 311 West Main Street was one of several federally financed projects that brought jobs and civic improvements to Bozeman during the Great Depression." The author notes that the WPA underwrote both the construction of the new county courthouse as well as the demolition of its predecessor. The building is still utilized by Gallatin County today. A 1939 survey of PWA works described the building as follows: "This building is three stories and a basement in height and is 85 by 110 feet in plan.  The courtroom...
  • High School Addition - Bozeman MT
    Then the Gallatin County High School, architect Fred Willson -- who'd just designed the county's new courthouse -- was tapped by the WPA to design an addition to the 1902 high school building at 404 West Main Street. The building now houses the Bridger Alternative School.
  • Irving School - Bozeman MT
    Among the numerous WPA-constructed buildings in Bozeman designed by Fred Willson was the Irving School located at 611 South 8th Avenue.
  • National Guard Armory (former) - Bozeman MT
    Saved from the wrecking ball after being slated for demolition in 2007, Bozeman's Daily Chronicle writes that current plans (as of 2013) for the building call for the construction of an eight-story 'boutique' hotel on top of the existing structure. The armory was designed by Fred Willson, who was also the architect behind the new WPA courthouse and multiple school construction projects in Bozeman. The Daily Chronicle writes: "The armory was built in 1941, complete with a rifle range, soundproof room and thick floors capable of accommodating military trucks." W.P.A. Official Project Numbers: 65‐91‐6550; O.P.: 265‐1‐91‐6. Details: "Complete the construction of armory building," total...