• Airline Drive Overpass - Houston TX
    The Texas Highway Department and the Federal Works Agency Public Roads Administration built an overpass in 1941 to separate the grade of Airline Drive and the Houston Belt and Terminal Railway tracks. The overpass is currently open to traffic.
  • Durkeeville (Demolished) - Jacksonville FL
    Built in 1936, Durkeeville was once public housing -- the second public housing project built in Florida under the federal Public Works Administration. This was listed as 239 living units, one and two story group houses, costing $1,000,000. Durkeeville was razed in September 1997. The Durkeeville historical society building houses the 1936 cornerstone of the original public housing project.
  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University: McGuinn Hall - Tallahassee FL
    McGuinn Hall was a Colonial Revival style men’s dormitory constructed in 1938 on the campus of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), a historically black college founded in Tallahassee, Florida in 1887. A dedication plaque on the wall of McGuinn Hall indicates that it was constructed as a Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works project, number FLA 1092-6-DS. The architect was Rudolph Weaver, F.A.I.A., who served as dean of the University of Florida’s College of Architecture from 1925 until 1944. He designed a number of dormitories for the University of Florida as well as Florida State University. The latter included...
  • Newtowne Court - Cambridge MA
    Newtowne Court is a 294 units apartment complex located in the town of Cambridge, MA. There are eight three-story walk-up buildings; most entrances serve six to nine apartments. Includes 6 units for households with vision impairments. This was one of 50 slum clearance or low income housing development projects financed by the Public Works Administration. The cost was $2,500,000.
  • Post Office - Brockport NY
    The Post Office in Brockport, New York was built in 1940 as the village's post office. It is still in use. The cornerstone indicates that it was a project of the Federal Works Agency. Historic photographs of the building include the name of the contractor.
  • Post Office - Poughkeepsie NY
    The magnificent Poughkeepsie post office was built by the Treasury Department as part of the New Deal in 1937-39.  The architecture is a kind of colonial revival done in the rough stone style of the Dutch settlers of the Hudson Valley.  The post office lobby contains exceptional murals  depicting six scenes in local and state history (see accompanying mural page). The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. FDR took a keen interest in post offices near his family home in Hyde Park.  As the wikipedia entry describes it: "The building was the second of five post offices...
  • Stanley Holmes Village - Atlantic City NJ
    Stanley Holmes Village (a.k.a. Stanley Village) is a 420-unit low income housing project on Adriatic Avenue that was built in 1937 and expanded in 1951. Its the oldest public housing complex in New Jersey. Atlantic City was the first municipality in New Jersey to provide public housing to its constituents. The movement to establish public housing was initiated in 1933 with the organization of the Civic Committee for Better Housing – headed by Walter J. Buzby; Mrs. Warren Somers, Commissioner of the State Housing Authority; Naomi Craighead; Robert A. Watson, Manager of the Southern Division of the State Housing Authority; B.J....
  • State Highway 9 Bridge at the Llano River - Mason TX
    On June 14, 1935, a devastating flood washed out the two truss spans and the center pier of the 1930 bridge of State Highway 9 across the Llano River in Mason County, Texas. The Texas Highway Department considered the reconstruction of the Llano River Bridge a priority as it isolated the town of Mason from the south. The Texas Highway Department applied to the Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) for emergency relief highway funds provided for under Section 3 of the Hayden-Cartwright Act of 1934. In addition to extending federal relief funding established under the National Industrial Recovery Act, the...
  • US 281 Bridge at the Brazos River - Santo TX
    The US 281 Bridge at the Brazos River is a through truss bridge consisting of one three-span continuous unit 656 1/2 feet long and 12 steel I-beam approach spans, each 40 feet long, for an overall length of 1,138 feet.The three spans form a continuous Warren truss with top chords resembling the curve seen in suspension bridges The bridge provides a crossing over the Brazos River on U.S. Highway 281 in southeastern Palo Pinto County. By September 1938, the Brazos River bridge project had been placed on the 1939 Regular Federal Aid Program. Texas Highway Department engineers designed the bridge. The...