• Elementary School (former) - Monticello MS
    Public Works Administration project 4726 for an elementary school building was approved 3/21/1934 for a $20,000 loan and $8,232 grant. Construction began 6/18/1934 and was completed 5/29/1935. The Colonial Revival style building was designed by Edgar Lucian Malvaney and constructed by Currie and Corley. The former school was listed as a Mississippi Landmark and the Lawrence County Historical Society began work toward restoration and renewed use of the building.
  • School - Kokomo MS
    The Kokomo Consolidated School building was approved as Mississippi project 8723 in 1934. Construction began in October and was completed June 23, 1935 at a total cost of $23,034. E. L. Malvaney was the architect of the Colonial Revival school, which was constructed by Currie and Corley builders and contractors.
  • School - Rose Hill MS
    The Rose Hill school was project W1230, approved 8/12/1937 for $7,940. The school was completed 4/29/1938 for a total cost of $17,923. The first contract was awarded 11/20/1937 and construction began 12/7/1937. Architects were Krouse & Brasfield and Builder/Contractor was Currie & Corley.
  • Scott County Jail and Courthouse Annex (former) - Forest MS
    The federal Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) supplied funds to undertake this county project during the 1930s. The jail was added to the rear of the courthouse with PWA project Miss. 1287-F. The courthouse was remodeled, with an Art Moderne style. The courthouse and jail were demolished c. 1955. A PWA grant funded $24,545 and the work was completed June 21, 1939.