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  • Harkins Hall - Uniontown KY
    The Works Progress Administration built Harkins Hall in Uniontown KY in 1938. The building served as a Gymnasium/Community Hall. The  structure was built on a concrete base to withstand flooding after the town had experienced recurrent flooding events. 
  • Wichita State University: Wilner Auditorium - Wichita KS
    Originally called the Auditorium and Commons Building, this 553-seat auditorium was built in 1938 with Public Works Administration funding. It's named for George Wilner, the first head of Wichita State's speech and theater department. It is still in use.
  • Eau Claire School District Administrative Offices: Basement Renovations - Eau Claire WI
    Eau Claire Senior High School was constructed in 1925-1926 to replace an aging structure on Lake and 4th St. The new high school had extensive basement renovation in the summer of 1938 carried out by the National Youth Administration (NYA), part of the Works Progress Administration. The work done to the structure allowed for a 20X60-foot room to be made to show films and slides. A steel backstop was added as well to create an indoor firing range for the High School .22 Rifle Club. The building now serves as the Eau Claire School District administrative offices.
  • Florida State Hospital: Landis Hall - Chattahoochee FL
    Landis Hall was completed in 1938 as a 202-room dormitory for student nurses and other employees working at the Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee, Florida. It replaced the old nurses home which was destroyed in February 1937. The construction contract was financed in part by the PWA and awarded to Batson and Cook of West Point, Georgia. The building was named for the late Florida Attorney-General, Cary D. Landis. PWA Docket No. Fla 1372-DS.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewers - Medford Lakes NJ
    Medford Lakes's Municipal Sewer Plant and collection pipelines, Waste Water Treatment Facility and collection system was built with Works Progress Administration (WPA) assistance in 1937-1938. "The sewage system for the community was built in 1937 to 1938 through WPA assistance and has been extended so that now Medford Lakes is completely sewered."
  • Hart Park - Orange CA
    Hart Park in Orange, California, was created in the 1930s by the City of Orange with the help of the State Emergency Relief Agency (SERA) and the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA). Orange City Park was the town’s first park. In 1935, a proposal was submitted for funding to build Orange City Park with $30,963 from the WPA for relief labor and $12,362 in local funds for materials, employing 66 men for 11 months. The proposal was approved in early 1936 and the work probably continued for the next two years, given the extensive improvements made. This was part...
  • Floating Bog Project - Wilton ME
    While going through the town reports at the Wilton History Museum, the 1938 town report has a brief notation "Floating Bog Project WPA - $2,000" which on its own would be too cryptic to figure out. Thankfully, when shown this to a couple of members of the historical society, they brought out a folder featuring 7 photos of the project itself and some historical context. Apparently in the aftermath of the 1938 hurricane, a large mass of floating vegetation at the north end of Wilson Lake had broken off and was blocking the entrance to a canal system that supplied...
  • Community Building (former) - Indianapolis IN
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a community building near Washington Park in Indianapolis, Indiana. The building is located at the northeast corner of 30th St. and Lasalle St., and appears to be part of a church property.
  • School Gymnasium - Schoenchen KS
    The School Gymnasium in Schoenchen KSLimestone gymnasium built by the Works Progress Administration in 1938. It is currently owned by a private company and in use as an office building.
  • High School (former) Auditorium / Gymnasium - Plevna KS
    The Public Works Administration (PWA) approved & appropriated $20,947 toward the construction of this auditorium/gymnasium at what had been the high school in Plevna, Kansas in Aug. 1937. The school board raised another $20,000 in bonds. The building was completed in July 1938. It sat 500 for basketball and 1000 auditorium style. Features included dressing and shower rooms for both boys and girls; two additional rooms designed for manual arts and domestic science; and even a projection booth for motion pictures. Engineers on the project were Hefling-Hughes of Hutchinson. The structure is located at the southeast corner of S Main St....
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