• Madison Square Station Post Office Murals - New York NY
    The interior of New York's Madison Square Station post office features eight tempera-on-plaster murals entitled "Scenes of New York" (1937-1939), commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts funding.  Four panels are found on each the right and left wall of the post office lobby, surrounding the central postal clerk counters. Professor Dolkart of Columbia University School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation notes that seven of the eight McLeary murals represent different New York City neighborhoods. In each neighborhood shown, someone is depicted doing a mail-related activity: "Lower East Side (reading a letter to a group); Broadway (carrying a letter); Central Park (reading...
  • Post Office Murals - Norwalk CT
    Kindred McLeary painted five tempera-on-plaster murals for the Norwalk post office in 1941. The post office was renovated in 1963, leaving three murals "Present Products of South Norwalk;" "Past Products of South Norwalk;" and "Indians Instructing Pioneers in Forest Lore" in what is now the Postmaster's office (not generally accessible to the public). Two other murals—"Old Well," the largest of the original murals, and "Bays and Oyster Fishing"—were destroyed during the renovation.
  • Truman Federal Building (State Department): Sculptures - Washington DC
    The State Department was originally built for the War Department in 1940-41 and has been known since 2000 as the Harry S. Truman Federal Building.  It is home to three sculptures commissioned for the original War Department building. •An eagle over the building entrance by Harry Kreis (1942) •A lime casein on plaster work entitled "Defense of the Four Freedoms" by Kindred McLeary (1941) •"War and Peace" by Earl N. Thorp (1941) Another work by Harry Kreis (1942), entitled "Soldier Groups," was originally in the lobby of the War Department but has apparently disappeared (see comment below) A fifth commissioned work, a bas-relief called "Peaceful Pursuits...
  • U.S. Post Office and Courthouse: McLeary Mural - Pittsburgh PA
    The mural "Modern Justice," located at Pittsburgh's historic U.S. Courthouse and Post Office, was sponsored by the U.S. Treasury Department's Section of Fine Arts. The work was painted by Kindred McLeary in 1937. However, the work has since been painted over.