• Post Office Mural - Lewisburg TN
    John H. R. Pickett painted this oil on canvas mural, entitled "Coming 'Round the Mountain," in 1938 for the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. The former US Postal Service facility located at 121 S. 1st St., is now located to the new facility at 557 E. Commerce St., Lewisburg, TN 37091. The mural was also relocated to the new facility.
  • Post Office Mural - Virginia Beach VA
    During the Great Depression the federal government commissioned a mural upon completion then-new post office in downtown Virginia Beach. The work by John H. R. Pickett was completed in 1939 with funding from the Treasury Section of Fine Arts, and it is alternatively known by two titles: "The Arrival of the First White Women at Jamestown" and "Old Dominion Conversation Piece." The artist was paid a total of $710 for the mural: $200 once the preliminary sketches were approved; $200 upon half-completion; and $310 upon completion, installation, and final approval. The Section formally invited Mr. Pickett to compete for the commission in...