• Portsmouth Middle School Murals (missing) - Portsmouth NH
    Four murals depicting pivotal scenes from the history of Portsmouth, New Hampshire were commissioned by the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) and painted by artist Gladys Brannigan. They were installed in the auditorium of Portsmouth Middle School (on Parrott Avenue) in 1936. The current location or status of the murals is unknown.
  • University of New Hampshire Murals - Durham NH
    "Three New Hampshire artists were hired to paint a series of murals for the University Library . These murals were painted under direction of Omer T. Lassonde, State Supervisor of the New Hampshire WPA Art Project. Today, the one remaining mural is in Room 141 of Hamilton-Smith Hall" (https://www.izaak.unh.edu). Each artist also wrote about his or her own work on the murals. Selections from these texts follow: The mural "Farming in New Hampshire" by George Lloyd was in the reserve room. Lloyd wrote: "This is a mural on farming in New Hampshire, It deals with the four seasons of the year—...