• Coit Tower: Harris Mural - San Francisco CA
    The Coit Tower sign for this 10' x 10' PWAP fresco "Banking and Law" by George Harris reads: "While the stocks continue to plunge and bags of money are guarded, lawyers pour over books in a law library. The artist's sense of humor is evident in the titles of books and the authors to whom he attributes the titles."
  • Fort Ord, Stilwell Hall - Marina CA
    "On 1 July 1940 the 7th Division was activated at what was then known as Camp Ord with General Joseph W. Stilwell (1883 - 1946) in command. Also known as "Vinegar Joe" or "Uncle Joe", depending upon one's station in life, General Stilwell conceived a place where those who were rigorously training to put their lives on the line for our country could find respite. A man of action, General Stilwell bull-dogged this project through. He picked the site and assigned the architects: 1st Lieutenant Savo Stoshitch of the 13th Engineer Division and 2nd Lieutenant Orville Pierce, 74th Field Artillery...
  • Post Office Murals - Woodland CA
    The post office contains two large murals collectively titled "Farm Life." The murals, painted by George Harris in 1937, were funded by TRAP. A third mural entitled "The Trek of Father Crespi--1777" was painted by Katherine Works in 1938, but has since been destroyed.