• Post Office Plaster Relief - Brookfield IL
    Section of Fine Arts plaster relief entitled "Means of Mail Transportation" created by Edouard Chassaing in 1937.
  • Post Office Reliefs - Kankakee IL
    The post office contains three wooden reliefs by Edouard Chassaing. They were commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts in 1934. The work consists of 3 separate works of a pig, turkey, and duck(?) flanked by a farmer carrying a bushel of corn and a female farmer(wife) carrying a large shock of wheat. Edouard Chassaing was born in France and immigrated to the United States, primarily working in Illinois. This work was a wood relief, but he is best known for reinforced concrete works.
  • UI Medical Center, College of Medicine: Edouard Chassaing Sculptures - Chicago IL
    These two limestone sculptures "Asclepius" and "Hygeia" were created by Edouard Chassaing in 1938 with the help of WPA Federal Art Project funds.