• Glendale Community College Sculpture (former) – Glendale CA
    Archibald Garner sculpted "Youth in Agriculture" of granite for Glendale Community College in Glendale, CA, with Federal Arts Project (FAP) funding. Los Angeles Public Library has listed the sculpture as missing. Garner's extant New Deal–funded works in the region include a sculpture, "Law" (1941), at the U.S. Courthouse in Los Angeles, CA; the Copernicus figure found in the Astronomers Monument (1934) at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA; and, in Inglewood, CA, the water fountain at Edward Vincent Jr. Park as well as a mahogany bas relief, "Centinella Springs" (1937), at the post office.
  • Post Office (former): Garner Bas Relief - Fresno CA
    A poured stone relief of a woman and a set of scales signifying "Justice." Approximately 10' high x 5' wide x 1' deep. The sculpture was created in 1940 by Archibald Garner with support from the Treasury Section of Fine Arts.
  • Post Office Wood Bas-Relief (Interior) - Inglewood CA
    A mahogany wood bas-relief by Archibald Garner, entitled "Centinella Springs," frames a doorway inside the main post office in Inglewood CA.  It depicts early California settlers drawing water from a local spring. (Inglewood was briefly known as "Centinella" in the 19th century) The post office building was constructed in 1935 and Garner's relief was created in 1937 for the Treasury Section of Fine Arts (not the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and its arts programs, as sometimes thought).
  • U.S. Courthouse: Garner Sculpture - Los Angeles CA
    This limestone sculpture, "Law" (1941), depicting a young woman with a tablet stands across the lobby from James Hansen's "Young Lincoln." The informational plaque near the sculpture reads: "The Fine Arts Section of the U.S. Department of the Treasury commissioned this 8' sculpture by Archibald Garner (1904-1969) in 1939, based on an open and anonymous competition available to all sculptors west of the Mississippi for the decoration of the Los Angeles Post Office and Courthouse lobby. The sculpture was installed in 1941 and is carved from one block of Indiana limestone, primarily by hand. Inscribed on the tablet which the figure...