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Sewer System Construction – Portsmouth NH

Date added: December 27, 2014

According to limited annual town reports available, major improvements were constructed to the sewer system with the help of the New Deal in this historical port town and maritime manufacturing center that begins from the early 1600’s up to it’s… read more

Annett State Forest – Rindge NH

Date added: December 27, 2014

“Enjoy trails and roads laid out by the CCC in the Great Depression. There are also a few ponds and marshes to check out. These trails connect to a local inn’s cross-country ski trail network.”

Post Office – Wolfeboro NH

Date added: December 25, 2014

The post office in Wolfeboro was completed in 1937 with funds provided by the Treasury Department. It is also the site of Andrew Winter’s 1938 mural, “New Hampshire Sugar Camp,” completed with funds provided by the Treasury Section of Fine… read more

Seawall – Hampton Beach NH

Date added: December 15, 2014

The PWA was involved in construction of a seawall along the Atlantic coast of New Hampshire, in particular, the Hampton Beach resort area. Up to the advent of the New Deal, the condition of the very popular Hampton Beach area… read more


Post Office Sculptures – Hamlet NC

Date added: December 10, 2014

Nina de Brennecke created three carved mahogany bas relief sculptures: “Peaches,” “Dewberries,” and “Drilling,” in 1942 with funds provided by the federal Treasury Section of Fine Arts. They are viewable in the lobby of the historic Hamlet, North Carolina post… read more

Municipal Improvements – Jaffrey NH

Date added: November 22, 2014

Throughout the New Deal, various agencies contributed to the improvement of Jaffrey, a small town of 2,800 (1930 Census) according to annual town reports. 1933 “Through an arrangement with the District Nursing Association and the State Supervisor of Health, Miss… read more

Cemetery and Municipal Improvements – Sandown NH

Date added: November 22, 2014

The 1935 Town report mentions: Public Service Enterprises Fence Construction Centre Cemetery ERA Project —– $563.69 employing 13 people WPA Highway Project $260.34 WPA Sewing Project $60.21 employing 2 people

Road Repair – Kensington NH

Date added: November 22, 2014

Federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) labor conducted road repair work in Kensington, New Hampshire during the Great Depression. 1936 “We were faced last spring by badly damaged roads due to rains of flood propensities that ruined nearly every hill and… read more

Sewer Construction – Allenstown NH

Date added: November 22, 2014

The federal Work Projects Administration (WPA) put seven men to work ca. 1940 constructing sewers in Allenstown, New Hampshire. Sewer Construction — $1,462.76 Balance W.P.A. Project $60.06 $1,522.82 7 men employed

Municipal Improvements – Hancock NH

Date added: November 18, 2014

1936 Town Paid W.P.A. Account 13 employed $696.74 W.P.A. Paid Labor 16 employed $2,257.20 P. W. A. PROJECT NO. 1028R Pursuant to the vote taken by the town the Federal Project No. 1028R was completed. The water main extension was… read more

Work Relief – Candia NH

Date added: November 18, 2014

A 1939 Town report notes efforts at unemployment relief. REPORT OF OVERSEER OF THE POOR It is gratifying to us all, to know that unemployed men and women of Candia are put to work as soon as possible through the… read more

Water Mains – Charlestown NH

Date added: November 18, 2014

The federal Public Works Administration provided grants to the town of Charlestown, New Hampshire for the development of its water system through the construction of water mains. The BOARD OF WATER COMMISSIONERS in the 1936 town report noted: PWA WATER… read more

Culvert Repair – Exeter NH

Date added: November 12, 2014

This Works Progress Administration project in Exeter, NH provided employment for fourteen people and completed key repairs on a local culvert. The federal cost was $870.04

Municipal Improvements – Danville NH

Date added: November 12, 2014

Between 1935 and 1938, the Works Progress Administration funded a number of municipal improvements in the town of Danville, including upgrades for the local library, town hall, and cemetery; work on roads and forest sites; and support for a local… read more