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Rye Patch Dam and Reservoir – Lovelock NV

Date added: August 27, 2016

The Rye Patch Dam lies in the Humboldt River valley, which crosses Nevada from east to west.  The California Trail went along the Humboldt River and the Lovelock Valley has been a gateway for gold and silver prospectors since the… read more

Wingfield Park – Reno NV

Date added: April 18, 2016

This park was built on land donated by George Wingfield, a Nevada banker and miner. During the late 1930s the WPA made improvements to the facilities, including building retaining walls to support the island banks. Today the park is a… read more

Gravel Pit – Reno NV

Date added: April 18, 2016

Sitting one mile west of the city limit on the Reno Truckee highway (today West 4th Street). Most of the sand and gravel used in New Deal projects in Reno came from here. The CWA and NIRA gave the city… read more

Whitaker Park – Reno NV

Date added: April 18, 2016

Four blocks west of the University of Nevada, Reno is Whitaker Park, one of the few parks that had work done to it during the New Deal that still has its tennis courts. The New Deal brick restrooms are gone,… read more

Mount Rose School Improvements – Reno NV

Date added: February 28, 2016

Mount Rose Elementary School is one of two remaining Mission Revival style schools the other being McKinley Park School. The school was built in 1912 and designed by local architect G Ferris. Work was done under the new deal projects… read more

McKinley Park School – Reno NV

Date added: February 22, 2016

An elementary school built in the Mission Style in 1909, McKinley Park School had its playground rebuilt under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and Public Works Administration (PWA) programs. Walkways around the building were also built. Today the playground is… read more

Evans Park – Reno NV

Date added: February 7, 2016

At Evans Park the WPA and the City of Reno built a circular cement wading pool fifty feet in diameter. A sprinkling system was installed and gravel walks laid out. Today the park which sits just to the south of… read more

Lake Street Bridge – Reno NV

Date added: January 29, 2016

This steel and concrete bridge was constructed in 1937 through the Public Works Administration (PWA) for a cost of $108,729.44 (PWA grant, $10,636.00; Federal-State Highway Funds, $32,593.44; City of Reno, $65,500.00).

Stewart Park – Reno NV

Date added: January 29, 2016

Stewart Park, formerly a city dump, was completed in 1937 through the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Sierra St. Bridge – Reno NV

Date added: January 21, 2016

This steel and concrete bridge, crossing the Truckee River in downtown Reno, Nevada, was completed in 1937 by the Public Works Administration (PWA).

Washoe Country Club – Reno NV

Date added: March 7, 2015

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) each worked to develop the Washoe Country Club in Reno, Nevada. The historic golf course is still in use today. Work began in May 1935 (by the FERA)… read more

Lincoln County Courthouse – Pioche NV

Date added: January 14, 2015

The Lincoln County Courthouse in Pioche, Nevada was constructed with federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. “In 1937 Lincoln County began to receive the proceeds of a major boom in lead and zinc mining that ran through the 1950s and… read more