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    Neshotah Park Lily Pond & Rock Garden

    Neshotah Park Lily Pond & Rock Garden – Two Rivers WI

    Date added: November 12, 2022; Modified: November 12, 2022

    In an effort to beautify the area around a pond in Neshotah Park, the City of Two Rivers had rocks hauled to the park over a period of about three years. In late October 1938 50 WPA workers were transferred… read more

    Point Beach State Forest Improvements – Two Rivers WI

    Date added: August 13, 2014; Modified: August 13, 2014

    From the Wisconsin DNR website: “1939: WPA began work on road construction and developing a forest lodge. The lumber came from this forest and shakes came from the Lake Elba prison camp at Rhinelander. Rip-rap came from the Jambo Creek… read more