Aliso Street Bridge – Los Angeles CA


US highway 101 from Center St. to Mission Rd.

Connected the Ramona Parkway (present day Interstate 10) with the proposed Hollywood Parkway (now US 101). Crosses over the LA River as well as numerous city streets and railroads. Originally the lanes of the highway were separated by Pacific Electric tracks running down the center of the bridge/viaduct.

"The Aliso Street Viaduct was torn down in 1940 and replaced by the present freeway structure which entered service in mid 1943. PE participated in the cost of this mammoth structure, paying $350,000 as its share of the improvement. With the opening of the first segment of the San Bernardino Freeway (then called the Ramona Freeway) in August of 1943 a flood of autos and trucks descended upon Aliso Street." –


Source notes

Mentioned in the Los Angeles Time on November 8, 1943, August 14, 1944, August 15, 1944. 

Project submitted by Noah Stewart. 

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Location Info

Aliso Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Location notes:
US highway 101 from Center St. to Mission Rd.

Coordinates: 34.053190, -118.229134

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