Rural Electrification

(29:51) b/w, sound
RURAL ELECTRIFICATION IN OHIO features three films commissioned by Rural Electrification Administration for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and created by legendary filmmakers Pare Lorentz and Joris Ivens. The landmark 1940 documentary Power and the Land tells the story of the Parkinson family, farmers in rural Ohio who electrified their farm with the help of a REA loan. Before electrification, work was done in old-fashioned, manual-labor...

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Jobs Not Handouts

(15:51) color, silent (should be sound)
The NYA trains youths for jobs. Describes modern industrial and agricultural machines (hay balers, threshers, reapers, etc.) which displace manpower. Unemployed youths loiter in hobo gangs. Boys receive training in the use of machine tools, carpentry, and auto mechanics at an NYA center. Girls are trained to cook and make dresses and to become beauticians (manicuring nails, setting hair, and applying facials).

The Fight for Life

(4 parts, 21:36, 21:37, 21:36, 4:37) b/w sound
Dramatizes a young doctor’s training in obstetrics at the Maternity Center, Chicago. Reel 1, Dr. O’Donnell sees a mother die in childbirth and decides to study obstetrics. Reel 2 shows him working and learning at the Center. Reel 3 consists mostly of a lecture to a class of doctors at the Center on procedures for delivering babies at homes. Reel 4, O’Donnell assists in the preparation for and the del...

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Job Creating Contest

(9:36) color, silent
The NYA office in Illinois conducts an essay contest to get ideas for useful projects for NYA work centers. Announcements are mimeographed and printed, posters designed and posted, and essays judged. Administrator Aubrey Williams presents awards to winning youths at the state fair held at Springfield, Ill.


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NYA and Negro Youth

(20:54) color, silent
On NYA centers in Georgia and Alabama. Reel 1, Negro boys feed chickens and pigs, plow with tractors, landscape grounds, and repair dormitories at centers in Boligee, Ala., and in Dorchester, Ga. Girls prepare and serve meals, weave baskets, and make mattresses. Reel 2, boys construct chairs in a woodworking class at an Atlanta high school. Shows home economics classes, radio instruction, and shoe making courses at Georgia State College Girl...

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NYA In The Land of Coronado

(9:19)  color, silent
On activities of youth. in the out-of-school program of the NYA in New Mexico. Spanish crafts are practiced at Albuquerque (Mountain Park Recreation center), Cienega, Las Vegas, and Jemez Springs. Boys work with wood and tin and girls weave and embroider. Other activities include tennis court construction, restoration of kivas, school construction, and furniture making. Shows recreational activities at the camps.

NYA On The Farm

(8:29) color, silent
On the operation of a NYA farm at Weiser, Idaho. Boys finish construction of a dormitory, dig a ditch for a septic tank, grade a road, bale hay, plow, feed chickens and pigs, weld steel ladders, and erect a fire escape. Girls wash clothes, take dictation, sew clothes, attend a dressmaking class, and serve meals.


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Spirit of Youth

(13:23)  color, silent
Boys build and fly gliders at an NYA center at Lake Cassidy, Mich. The boys work with model planes and drawings to learn fundamentals. Class study and shop work are also shown. Glider parts are made and assembled. Gliders are towed by automobiles and are flown and landed.