Berkeley Gray Panthers

(1:07:29) b/w, sound
Assortment of New Deal film shorts put together by the Berkeley Gray Panthers for a mini-New Deal Film Festival. This particular sequence is called “Putting America to Work”

FDR Inauguration
WPA: Works Pays America
Shock Troops of Disaster
The Valley of the Tennessee
Boulder Dam
Jimmy Durante on the NRA

The City

(31:30), bw, sound
Visionary documentary that contrasts the conditions of life in small towns and in the industrialized cities, starting with a brief portrait of pre-industrial United States, then moving into the modern chaotic, industrial and commercial city to reflect on the effects of this environment on family life and the raising of children, and finally proposing a return to a simpler life, in an idyllic “new city” in Maryland, constructed as a New Deal pr...

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Social Security for the People

(4:00) b/w sound
Describes the aims of the recently inaugurated federal social security program: to provide economic assistance to the blind, the aged, and orphaned children, and to work with state agencies in establishing workmen’s unemployment compensation systems.

A Nationwide System of Parks

(16:02) b/w sound
Reel 1, unemployed workers stand in line at the gates of closed factories. Shows views of South Carolina’s Edista State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park, and Georgia’s Santo Domingo State Park. CCC men work in the park, destroy caterpillars and other pests, transplant trees, attend classes, and feed animals. Shows the home of Alexander Stevens, vice president of the Confederacy, being renovated. Reel 2 shows various views of...

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Bridge Building with the CCC

(14:42, 15:10)  b/w, sound
CCC units construct a reinforced concrete bridge and a cable suspension bridge across an unidentified river. Shows details in the construction and emphasizes that the CCC members are learning many useful trades (concrete, construction work, heavy equipment operation, riveting, welding, etc.) as well as constructing useful bridges.

Shock Troops of Disaster

(11:26) b/w, silent
On WPA relief operations in New England. Reel 1, hurricane and tidal waves hit the Long Island coast in Dec. 1938. The hurricane and flood waters rage across New England. Derailed trains, felled trees, damaged homes, flooded streets, and other evidences of the catastrophe are shown. Coast Guard crews rescue stranded citizens. WPA and CCC units erect sandbag levees. Reel 2, WPA director Harry Hopkins arrives at Providence, R.I., to survey ...

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Federal Theater at the World’s Fair

(20:29) b/w, silent
On preparations for and activities at the Golden Gate International Exposition. Reel 1, exhibition buildings are constructed on Treasure Island, Calif., in 1936. Shows views of San Francisco and scenes aboard the ferry to Treasure Island. Seats and electric equipment are installed in the Federal Theatre building on Treasure Island. Shows wardrobe design and fitting and rehearsal scenes. Reel 2, the FTP presents a puppet show, &#...

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Fort Frederick, Maryland

(9:34) b/w silent
Documentary: On the Civilian Conservation Corps’ restoration of Fort Frederick as a Maryland State Park. Locates Fort Frederick on the strip of Maryland between Pennsylvania and West Virginia, 15 miles from Hagerstown. Explains that during the Civil War, Indian War, and the Revolutionary War it was used to protect the railroads, canal and a road on the Virginia side of the Potomac. Men clear land and collect relics from the soil.


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Mt. Rainier

(6:52)  b/w, silent
Civilian Conservation Corps workers transplant trees, break rocks, lay a cobblestone path, dig drainage ditches, and feed squirrels and a woodpecker in the park. Shows the snowcapped mountains and a close-up of “Pigeon Spring.”

Youth Building at Wilberforce

(11:00) color, silent
On activities at the NYA work experience center, Wilberforce University, Ohio. Shows classes in woodwork, metal crafts, machine shop, cooking, and typesetting. Negro youths mold and make bricks which are used in the construction of a field house.