USA 1936

(10:25) b/w, sound
On theater projects of the Works Progress Administration. WPA theater units present vaudeville shows (comedy teams, dancers, singers), minstrel and marionette shows, Gilbert and Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore, Macbeth with an all-Negro cast, and Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here at Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps, in parks, and in small-town theaters. Hollywood producer Adolph Zukor advises WPA theater officials. Shows brief scen...

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Flood Special Pennsylvania

(19:33) b/w, sound
On flood relief operations of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in Pennsylvania. Flood-damaged goods are shoveled out of stores in Sharpsburg. Debris and mud are cleaned from streets and dumped in the Allegheny River. Safety instructions are posted on telephone poles in McKees Rocks. Water is distributed by gasoline trucks. Salvation Army units dispense food to WPA workers. Flood-battered furniture is removed from New Kensington ho...

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The CCC At Work Mosquito Control

(8:04) b/w, silent
Civilian Conservation Corps units drain mosquito-infested swamps on Delaware farms by digging drainage ditches leading away from the marshy areas. Stagnant ponds and streams, mosquito breeding places, are freshened by pumping fresh water into the stagnant water areas. The fresh water kills the mosquito larvae.

The CCC At Work Lake States

(22:06) b/w, silent
Reel 1, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) members collect pine cones from trees and squirrel hoards. Seeds from the cones are processed and planted at a forest nursery. Seeding trees are transplanted to forest areas. Snag is cleared from a timber tract. Reel 2, trees are sprayed with insecticide. Picnic areas are cleared and fireplaces are constructed. CCC units plow fire lanes and fight a forest fire.

The Shenandoah National Park

(10:34) b/w, silent
Shows scenic beauty and recreational facilities in the park. Visitors hike, swim, picnic, and view scenery. Boys stand retreat at a camp of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the park.

Presidents Flood Relief Committee Inspects Inundated Areas

(8:23) b/w, silent
Harry Hopkins and other members of President Roosevelt’s flood relief committee inspect flood relief activities in Pennsylvania. The committee examines temporary tent camp facilities for evacuees, the operation of soup kitchens, damage to roads, board and sand bag levees, and flooded jetties and wharves. The committee scans the banks of the Ohio River from a river steamboat.

Nursery School

(6:35) b/w, silent
Children drink orange juice at the Lincoln Nursery School in Chicago, Illinois. Nurses examine their teeth and tonsils. The children eat, take naps, and leave a building.

Flood Special West Virginia

(7:21) b/w, sound
On Works Progress Administration flood relief activities in Wheeling, West Virginia, WPA units shovel mud from streets into trucks and wash the streets. Cellars and basements are pumped out. Lime is spread on sewage. Usable goods are sorted from debris. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and WPA food kitchens dispense food to refugees and relief workers. Citizens are rescued by rowboat and taken to WPA relief centers.


(3:59) b/w, silent
Shows scenes in Alaska: views of the coast on the Gulf of Alaska; panoramic shots of a small port; the train station and street scenes in Seward; scenic views along a railroad right-of-way (railroad bridge, tunnels, mountains, etc.); and timber tracts.

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