Federal Theater in San Francisco

(12:12) b/w, silent
A ballroom dance team, a dancing chorus, and various specialty dancers rehearse. Wardrobe and sets are designed, and a play rehearsed. Shows scenes from the play “Devil Passes” and general views of San Francisco.

Behind the Scenes Circa 1936

(13:20) b/w, silent
On Federal Theatre activities in San Bernardino, California. Shows details of stage lighting, sets under construction, wardrobe fittings, and scenes in rehearsal. Scenes from the opening night presentation of the play “Habit” are shown.

Federal Theater in San Diego

(11:05) b/w, silent
Shows, without subtitles, actors being auditioned in the Federal Theatre Project’s San Diego office. Sets are constructed. A crowd arrives to witness the FTP production of “Blind Alley”.

Federal Theater in Los Angeles

(14:30) b/w, silent
Shows brief shots of rehearsal and pre-rehearsal activity: costuming, stage setting, script preparation, etc. Shows scenes from Federal Theatre productions: “Arabian Nights,” “Hansel and Gretel,” “Don Quixote,” “The Merchant of Venice,” “Seventh Heaven,” etc.

CCC at Mono

(14:44) b/w, silent
On construction of the Mono Debris Dam in California by Civilian Conservation Corps units. Excavations are made with steam shovels, concrete is mixed and poured, and bulldozers scrape away a hillside. Shows views of the completed dam and many scenic shots of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

At The Circus Circa 1936

(5:33) b/w, silent
Horses and tractors pull rolling cages from railroad flat cars as a circus is unloaded in an unidentified town. The cages are pulled to the circus lot. Elephants assist in the erection of the main tent. Shows aerial views of the circus grounds. Horses, camels, elephants, and a steam calliope appear in a formal street parade.

Educated Feet

(25:12) b/w, silent
On the care of feet and posture. Describes defects and their causes: weak arches from jumping with the knees stiff, and running flatfootedly; bad posture from poor sitting and standing habits; knock knees from standing on one foot. Illustrates preventive and remedial exercises. Students are pedographed in Beverly Hills, California schools.

Glimpses of Texas Circa 1936

(10:10) b/w, silent
Shows the natural resources and beauty of Texas. Shows oil fields, the U.S. helium plant (Bureau of Mines) at Amarillo, sulphur mining on the Gulf coast, and extensive views of the Big Bend State Park, including activities of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

A Forest Playground

(14:47, 14:43) b/w, silent
This film is on Maryland’s Patapsco Forest State Park. The footage shows the park’s forests and streams and a close-up of Avalon Dam on the Patapsco River. Scenes show Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) men as they worked on the park’s roads with picks and shovels, cleared the banks and drained swampy areas, laid out trails, drilled and broke rock, and slept in outdoor quarters. The footage includes a panoramic view of ...

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