New York, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, Chickamauga And Moundsville, Alabama State Parks

(10:53) b/w silent
Shows Chickamauga State Park in Georgia and Gettysburg State Park in Pennsylvania. Guides show tourists over the Civil War battlefields. Archeologists dig up Indian relics and skeletons at an ancient Indian village and burial ground at Moundsville, Ala., measure an exhumed skull with calipers, and study unearthed Indian pottery and basketwork. Shows Indian relics in a museum. CCC yout...

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Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

(7:39) b/w sound
Shows the lakes and forests of Minnesota. Tourists sail boats on a lake, cook on an outdoor grill, picnic at outdoor tables, and swim and fish in lakes.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

(10:24) b/w sound
CCC men ride in trucks, work with pick and shovel, operate bulldozers, graders and pneumatic drills, construct parapets and guard rails, and march with pick and shovel in the park. Includes views of forests, flowers, and underbrush. Rangers in towers watch for forest fires.

A Forest Playground

(8:32) b/w silent
This film is on Maryland’s Patapsco Forest State Park. The footage shows the park’s forests and streams and a close-up of Avalon Dam on the Patapsco River. Scenes show Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) men as they worked on the park’s roads with picks and shovels, cleared the banks and drained swampy areas, laid out trails, drilled and broke rock, and slept in outdoor quarters. The footage includes a panoramic view of Baltimo...

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Reclamation in the Arid West

(4:56) b/w sound
Shows the Colorado River, electric power transmission lines, and a steel plant in operation. A train brings materials, fuel, and workmen to Boulder City to build Boulder Dam. Close-ups are shown of buckets on cable cars dumping cement into the coffer dam. Includes views of the power lines and towers at the dam site, the switches to control the power, and the completed dam; and the farms, homes, and orchards made possible by power and wat...

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Tennessee Valley

(36:44) b/w sound (music with intertitles and narration)
Reel 1 shows a dam, generators, power lines and a power house; workers constructing a dam with steam shovels and other machinery; the flooded Tennessee River; and views of horse drawn coal cars, deserted farms, and eroded land. President Roosevelt addresses Congress requesting the creation of TVA. Shows Wilson dam and powerhouse at Muscle Shoals, Ala., and Norris dam under construction. Reel 2 shows views of l...

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Human Crop

(10:59) b/w silent
Farm scenes show cattle in a field, farm machinery, and men stacking hay. Various recreational areas for underprivileged children are located on a map. Children play in slum areas. CCC men do construction work in Chopwamsic Recreational Demonstration Area. City children file out of schools, board busses, debus at Chopwamsic, and hike, swim, and play. Includes brief flashes of the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C.

Dawn Strikes the Capitol Dome

(9:46) b/w, silent
An impressionistic study of Washington, D.C., on a typical depression day. Includes shots of the Capitol Building, National Archives, Union Station, Arlington Cemetery, statues, British Embassy, Supreme Court, Lincoln Memorial, White House, downtown streets, and typical groups of people (shoppers, government employees, picnickers, tramps, etc.).

Danger on the Streets

(8:01) b/w, silent
Demonstrates lack of caution by pedestrians which results in traffic fatalities: crossing in the center of the block, from between parked cars, while reading newspapers, etc.; hitchhiking in the street; and children chasing balls, etc. into roadways. Shows many scenes of traffic conditions in Los Angeles, California.

CCC at La Purissima

(7:32) b/w, silent
An old Spanish mission in the La Purisima State Park, California, is rebuilt by CCC units. Dust and dirt is shoveled from the mission ruins. Walls are reconstructed from adobe brick. Tile is made from clay found in the area and used for the roofing. The grounds are landscaped.