The TVA at Work

(13:28) b/w sound
Reel 1 shows rain storms and flooded streams, the flooded Tennessee River valley, Norris Dam and Wilson Dam, and a panorama of eroded land. Phosphate fertilizer is made in an electric furnace at Muscle Shoals, is bagged, and is shipped to the farmer. Contrasts productivity of fertilized and non-fertilized land. Reel 2 shows crops and cattle on a farm, a delegation of farmers conferring with a county agent, the power house at Wilson Dam, electric pow...

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Recreation Resources

(13:53) b/w sound
On State Parks of West Virginia. Reel 1, views of cities, factories, steel furnaces, hydroelectric plants, rivers, canals, and locks depict the State’s industries and waterways. Shows Green Brier Hotel at White Sulphur Springs and the town of Berkeley. CCC men work in Lost River Park. Tourists ride horses, picnic at an outdoor table, and examine an old house. Children crippled by polio perform handicraft and sunbathe in Berkeley hospital....

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Down Mobile Way

(10:22) b/w sound
Scenes of azaleas in bloom, old homes, ships at docks, and bales of cotton, barrels of turpentine, and bunches of bananas being loaded on board freighters in Mobile, Ala., depict its culture and commercial activity. Shows a panorama of Gulf, Little River, and Cedar Creek State Parks in Alabama. CCC boys work in the forests and operate tractors and graders in State Parks; picnickers eat on outdoor tables. A colored CCC boy dances.

Land of the Giants

(23:37) b/w sound
On California’s State parks. Reel 1 shows forests, streams, waterfalls, brush, and mountains in Redwood, Humboldt, Calaveras, and Tamalpais State Parks. CCC men clear undergrowth, cut and process lumber, dig culverts, build bridges, and work on roads and trails with bulldozers and tractors. Reel 2 shows views of Prairie Creek and Big Sur State Parks, including views of the San Jacinto mountain range. CCC men work and relax in the parks. Ree...




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Saving the Beauty of Alabama

(6:00) b/w silent
Shows CCC men at work in Geneva State Park, Alabama. They cross a footbridge with shovels on their shoulders, erect a fence, bridge a stream, clear away dead trees, and replant trees.

Hall of Giants

(7:24) b/w silent
Shows views of Yosemite National Park including “Big Tree Lodge,” “Wawona Tunnel Trees,” rock formations, and streams. Tourists fish in a stream, stroll along a forest path, and ride horses and bicycles in the park. CCC men work in the park.

Civilian Conservation Corps

(28:46) b/w, silent
Reel 1, unemployed youths loiter on street corners, listen to revolutionist orators, and display apathy and lack of ambition. Pres. Roosevelt signs the CCC bill. Recruits arrive at Army processing centers: billets are assigned, mess is served, and clothing is issued. Recruits leave for the processing centers, arrive at Army camps, and pitch tents and construct buildings. Roosevelt visits a camp. Reel 2, recruits fall in for reveille; e...

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Three Billions To Use

(10:30) b/w, sound
Part 1, (Paramount News), Harry Hopkins describes the need for federal work relief. Part 2, (Paramount News), Minnesota farmers leave their farms for Alaska. The farm families board the freighter North Star in San Francisco. Part 3, (Hearst Metrotone News), agricultural equipment is loaded on the North Star. Part 4, (Universal Newsreel) farm families board the transport St. Mihiel at Seattle. The St. Mihiel docks at Seward, Alaska. Part 5, (U...

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(11:12) b/w, sound
Rain water seeps beneath the earth’s surface to form ground water. Diagrams the formation of artesian wells, hot springs, and geysers. “Old Faithful” in Yellowstone Park erupts. Describes the action of acid ground water in forming underground caverns, natural bridges, and petrified forests. Shows the Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico; Mammoth Cave, Kentucky; Natural Bridge, Virginia; and the petrified forests of Arizona.