(4:19) b/w, silent
Presents a series of hands engaged in activities that range from resting to important daily tasks, to dramatize the greater economic value of hands put to work by the Works Progress Administration.

Erosion Control

(11:06) b/w sound
Shows many examples of erosion, its causes, effects, and corrections by the CCC. Shows the construction of rock, wooden, and brush-enforced check dams that control land drainage. Contrasts drainage of lands with and without check dams. Shows activities in the reclamation of large, deep gullies caused by erosion; dams are built, locust seedlings and honeysuckle bushes are planted, and, in extreme cases, sides of the gullies are blasted and tapered pr...

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Pilgrim Forests

(19:55) b/w silent
On State parks in New England. Reel 1 shows the Maine coast, Bar Harbor, and Baxter and Moose Brook State Parks; picnickers cook on a grill; CCC men work in the forests. (Weird boxing match at minute 7, seems one of them is wearing an Arabic head gear) Shows Connecticut’s Acculney State Park. Oxen pull up stumps of trees. Horses pull cart loads of lumber. Reel 2 shows Connecticut’s Proctor and Elmore State Parks, Virginia’s Dorlim...

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A Day in Virginia Camps

(8:40) b/w silent but with white noise distortion
Shows, without subtitles, various activities of CCC boys at a camp. The men leave the camp and then clear brush, fell trees, build roads, and plant trees. The men eat in the field and run a fire drill. Shows recreation activities at the camp (baseball, boxing, fishing, and swimming). Shows retreat ceremonies as the flag is lowered.

Winter Sports in White Mountains

(19:29) b/w, silent
Reel 1 shows skiing and mountain climbing activities in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire. Includes shots of Civilian Conservation Corps members constructing ski and hiking trails. Reel 2, dog sled teams race across the countryside. Men and women fish through the ice.

Emergency Conservation Work At Mesa Verde

(6:35) b/w silent
CCC men work on roads and trails, quarry building stone with a pneumatic drill, transplant trees, copy pottery, repair ruins at Far View House, and inspect ancient relics. Includes views of the cliff dwellings.

The CCC Fights Erosion

(10:55) b/w, sound
Shows samples of badly eroded farm land in Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas, and illustrates how Civilian Conservation Corps units are combatting soil erosion. CCC members construct check dams in gullies, build wings around the gullies, plant black locust seedlings and honeysuckles along the banks, fill the gullies with hay and brush, and dynamite the edges of the gullies to level the terrain.

The Civilian Conservation Corps At Work Oregon And Washington

(7:58) b/w, silent
Civilian Conservation Corps members build truck trails and auto roads, erect bridges, clear snag from wooded areas, construct telephone lines, survey and estimate forest lands, clear camping grounds and develop grazing lands in the Umpqua National Forest of Oregon. CCC units assist in flood rescue work at Kelso, Washington, and fight a forest fire near Tillamook, Oregon.

The Civilian Conservation Corps At Work Montana And Northern Idaho

1934 (9:23) b/w, silent (3, jerky, off-centered, blurry)
Civilian Conservation Corps members clear and level a campsite, erect camp buildings, construct forest roads, spread poisoned grain for gophers, uproot currant and gooseberry bushes to check the spread of white pine blister rust, fell trees, and process telephone poles in the national forests of Montana and Idaho. Includes shots of CCC living facilities.

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