The Road Is Open Again 7 Mins

(7:22) b/w, sound
A Songwriter falls asleep while writing a song about the NRA. He dreams that Washington, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt appear in his room asking him why he wants to write such a song and they’re reassuring him that FDR is the right way. When he starts singing his new song, he finds himself alone, but he knows that the FDR will lead the USA back on the road to prosperity.

The Road Is Open Again containing a song of the same n...




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(10:14) b/w silent
Shows how forest fires can be prevented by carefully extinguishing camp fires, exercising care in smoking habits while in the woods, and maintaining strict watch over fires built in brush and wooded areas. Includes shots of Civilian Conservation Corps members fighting a forest fire.

Rebuilding Indian Country

(35:26) b/w sound
Reel 1, maps show the origin and history of the American Indian. Modern Indians work in Wisconsin’s lumber industry, keep watch for forest fires, and clear bushes in the forest. Includes a close-up of a Delaware Indian treaty. Reel 2, Chippewa Indians make fishnets. Indians work on roads with tractors, picks, and shovels, stand in line at a field kitchen, engage in native handicrafts, and spear salmon on the Columbia River. Pima Indi...

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We Can Take It CCC

(20:48)  b/w, silent
Civilian Conservation Corps members work in the national forests of California. Reel 1, a camp site is selected and tents are erected. CCC units fell snag, clear brush along fire lines, erect telephone lines, build a forest bridge, terrace denuded slopes, and construct check dams to control erosion. Reel 2, Ponderosa Way, a huge fire lane in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, is cleared. Heavy equipment is used to construct a truck trail up Mt....

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Learn to Swim

(11:01)  b/w, silent
A swimming instructor teaches a boy how to float and to swim. Illustrates, in detail, the different types of leg and arm motions used in recognized swimming styles. Emphasizes the need to build confidence in the novice swimmer.

Forest and Men

(10:24) b/w, sound
Recruits selected to work under the Emergency Conservation Work (ECW) program arrive at Fort Washington, Virginia, and are then transported to ECW camps in various forest areas. The ECW members cut fire lanes, clear snag, erect telephone lines, thin timber areas, clear camping grounds, build fences around grazing lands, and combat erosion by building dams in gullies, terracing farm land, planting seedling trees, and filling gullies with brush. F.A. ...

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