Where in the World is Evan: Colfax CA

Traces of the New Deal’s lasting impact on our communities can be difficult to find. Fortunately, in some parts of the country projects undertaken by New Deal agencies were specifically “marked” by the agency that completed it. Such is the case in Colfax, California, a small mountain city on I-80 east of Sacramento. Evan stopped to photograph its striking WPA-built community center (formerly Colfax Grammar School) last summer. While the building itself bore no visible indication of New Deal involvement, Evan was stunned to find no fewer than five imprint “stamps” on the retaining walls and sidewalks surrounding the grounds, each attributing the work to the WPA. The “stamps” included one shield-shaped imprint that has been heavily damaged and painted over. Thanks to Evan, each of these “stamps” was photographed, documented with precise geographic coordinates, and posted to the Living New Deal map for the historical record. See them all here.

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