“When Government Worked” Exhibit Reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle

Photo: Arthur Rothstein
“Farmer and sons walking in the face of a dust storm, Cimarron County, Oklahoma,” 1936, Photo: Photo: Arthur Rothstein

The San Francisco Chronicle recently covered the Arthur Rothstein photography exhibit “When Government Worked:  New Deal Picture Stories by Arthur Rothstein.”  The exhibit is a collaboration between the Living New Deal and the Arthur Rothstein Legacy Project. Held at the Canessa Gallery through December 27, the fundraiser exhibit showcases Rothstein’s photographs of the Great Depression. Some of the highlights included in the Chronicle are Rothstein’s photographs of sharecroppers displaced by the Dust Bowl, labor crews at work on infrastructure projects, and President Roosevelt’s tours of drought areas. The story describes how the exhibit was born out of a partnership between the Living New Deal and the exhibit curators, Ann Rothstein-Segan and Brodie Hefner. Many of the photographs on show, as the article points out, have never been published. Anne Rothstein-Segan, Arthur Rothstein’s daughter, uncovered many of these rare images at the Library of Congress. Read the entire story here.

The Exhibit will be open Tuesday-Sunday 1:00-5:00 pm ​Closed Mondays & Christmas Day. See more details here.

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