• Elwood Olsen Stadium - Sioux City IA
    Home football stadium for Morningside College, East High School, North High School and West High School. Formerly known as Roberts Stadium.
  • Floyd River - Sioux City IA
    The WPA Floyd River Project involved paving the channel of the river as it passed through the stockyards. The stockyards provided thousands of jobs; they were a very strong economic force in Sioux City and the surrounding agricultural industry. The purpose of providing a stable channel through that area was the prevention of river course change and erosion of the land the yards were built on. (The river had a history of doing this.) The channel is no longer in use since a major Floyd River flood changed the course of the channel yet again.
  • Grandview Park Bandshell - Sioux City IA
    Constructed as a New Deal project (attributed on one page to the Civil Works Administration, but more likely, based on the date, a Federal Emergency Relief Administration construction), Sioux City's historic Grandview Park Bandshell "is 102 feet wide, 51 feet high and cost around $51,000 to build in 1935." The structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Sioux City Art Center - Sioux City IA
    "The Art Center Association of Sioux City was first incorporated in 1914 as the Sioux City Society of Fine Arts by John C. Kelly, John McHugh, W.P. Manley, T.A. Black, Alice K. Lawler and Cora E. Henderson. From its inception to the opening of the Sioux City Art Center in 1938, the Society sponsored art classes and exhibitions. Classes were held in various community buildings, as well as in Grandview Park during the summer months. Exhibitions were displayed at the Sioux City Public Library and the Woodbury County Court House. In 1937, the Art Center Association of Sioux City along with...