• Admiral Coontz Armory - Hannibal MO
    The Hannibal Armory is constructed of rock that was obtained from a local quarry that also was the source for the adjacent Clemens field baseball field.  There is a locked room that was previously used for arms, but the majority of the building is a large open area for basketball courts and is part of the parks and recreation department.
  • Clemens Field - Hannibal MO
    Clemens Field was constructed after the previous park was destroyed in 1935 and has recently been renovated. It is currently home to the Hannibal Cavemen baseball team.  It has been a minor league park for several teams and has seen the St. Louis Cardinals play there in the past.  During WW II, it was a German prisoner of war camp.  Rock for the walls that surround the field were obtained locally from the same quarry as the adjacent Admiral Coontz Armory.
  • Levering Hospital Addition - Hannibal MO
    This was the second addition to Levering Hospital.  At the time, it ran in a straight east-west manner with the 1942 addition at the far east end of the building.  The main entrance pictured is part of the original building from 1903.
  • Mark Twain Memorial Bridge (demolished) - Hannibal MO to IL
    The former Mark Twain Memorial Bridge, spanning the Mississippi River between Hannibal, Missouri and Illinois, was constructed as a Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) project. The P.W.A. supplied a $357,000 loan and $169,507 grant for the project, whose total cost was $721,505. Construction occurred between Oct. 1934 and Jul. 1936. A preserved portion of the old Mark Twain Memorial Bridge remains on the west bank of the Mississippi River in the Cardiff Hill Overlook Park, A plaque exists in some concrete railing preserved in place and notes its Federal Emergency funding and was Project No. 3624. The bridge was formally dedicated by...
  • Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse - Hannibal MO
    This is the second lighthouse at this site, the first was the WPA built lighthouse, but unfortunately it blew down in a windstorm in 1960.  It was rebuilt in 1963 with the same exterior appearance as the original.
  • Mark Twain Museum - Hannibal MO
    The Mark Twain Museum and rock wall to the north of the original Mark Twain Home were constructed in 1937 to serve as a museum and to serve as protection from fire for the home.  The rock has the same appearance as that used for the Admiral Coontz Armory and Clemens Field.