Grand Teton National Park – WY

“Camps were set up at several locations in the valley, at Leigh Lake, Lizard Point, and “Hot Springs” near Colter Bay. In 1934, Camp NP-4, the most prominent camp, was built at the south end of Jenny Lake. CCC crews… read more

Guernsey State Park – Guernsey WY

Wyoming State Parks website: “This park provides the finest examples of Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) work in the Rocky Mountain area. Built by the CCC, the Guernsey Museum, the Castle and Brimmer Point are available to explore. The museum is… read more

High Plains Grasslands Research Station Improvements – Cheyenne WY

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) worked to improve what is now the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s High Plains Grasslands Research Station (then Cheyenne Horticultural Field Station), located northwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming. “1935 – Many inprovements were made to the… read more

High School Stadium – Rock Springs WY

The Civil Works Administration (CWA) started and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) completed a high school stadium in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) was likely also involved, given the timeline in the article below. Casper Star-Tribune,… read more

Island Park Development – Green River WY

The Civil Works Administration (CWA) worked to improve the conditions at Island Park in Green River, Wyoming. Cassity: “In Green River, Island Park was leveled with traditional cut and fill methods to raise the low spots so that flood water… read more