• Gillette-Campbell County Airport Hangar - Gillette WY
    The Works Progress Administration built an airport hangar in Gillette, Campbell County. The airport is still in service today under the name Gillette-Campbell County Airport.
  • Grade School (former) - Gillette WY
    A former grade school building in Gillette, Wyoming was constructed as a federal Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) project during the Great Depression. The PWA supplied a $52,869 grant for the project, whose total cost was $121,432. Construction occurred between Dec. 1937 and Oct. 1938. The exact location and status of the facility is unknown to Living New Deal. PWA Docket No. WY 1055-DS
  • Post Office (former) - Gillette WY
    The historic post office building in Gillette, Wyoming was constructed with federal Treasury Department funds in conjunction with the Public Works Administration (P.W.A.). The building, which was completed 1935, is now privately owned.
  • Road Improvements - Gillette WY
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) conducted substantial road improvement work in Gillette, Wyoming. Per a CWA project card description: "Make streets of Gillette into all-weather streets for major part of town; surfaced 40 blocks with scoria."