• Bathhouse at 4H Pool - Dunbar/Institute WV
    According to a newspaper account, FERA built a new bathhouse at the 4H pool west of Dunbar.It is unclear if the pool that currently exists at the site is the original, and it is believed that the current bathhouse is a replacement of the New Deal project.
  • Wertz Field (demolished) Improvements - Institute WV
    The Works Progress Administration extended and built additional facilities for the Wertz Airport in Charleston. The additions included an administration building. The airport serves today under the name Yeager Airport. In 1930 Wertz field was developed in Institute. Operated by West Virginia Airways, Inc the field was named after Charleston Mayor W.W. Wertz. Commercial flight began with American Airlines in 1933 from the same field. The field was a popular site for air shows. The WPA added improvements to the airport with “grading, ditch-digging and other work” by late 1936. Just after this West Virginia State College began the Civilian Pilot Training Program in...
  • West Virginia State University Development - Institute WV
    The Public Works Administration funded the construction of facilities for the West Virginia State University (former West Virginia State College) in Kanawha County. The West Virginia State University was founded as an African American college.
  • West Virginia State University Road Construction - Institute WV
    The National Youth Administration built a road for the West Virginia State University (former West Virginia State College) campus.