Smithsonian Institution Museum: Collection Maintenance – Washington DC

In 1936, Work: A Journal of Progress reported that several dozen Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers were assigned the role of assisting archaeologists, anthropologists, biologists, and other scientists in sorting the backlog of contributions to the Smithsonian Institution museum and… read more

Takoma Recreation Center Development – Washington DC

Takoma Recreation Center is a large public recreational facility in Washington D.C., containing buildings, swimming pool, tennis courts and other facilities. New Deal agencies did extensive work on the site, 1933-36, as part of a larger Capital Parks improvement program… read more

Theodore Roosevelt High School: Rosenbert Frescoes – Washington DC

Modernization efforts conducted on Theodore Roosevelt High School in 2013 uncovered two 1934 frescoes by Nelson Rosenberg and students at the school, entitled “Adolescent America” and “American Panorama.”  Rosenberg was funded under the Public Works of Art Project, which gave… read more

Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial – Washington DC

Bridge to memorial on Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial was created in the 1930s with the aid of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and National Park Service (NPS). Theodore Roosevelt Island sits in the middle of the Potomac between Arlington and downtown Washington, just… read more

Thomas Jefferson Memorial – Washington DC

The Jefferson Memorial was built to honor the author of the Declaration of Independence and third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Such a memorial had long been proposed, but it was only realized under the New Deal, 1939-1943…. read more

Truman Federal Building (State Department) – Washington DC

The present Harry S. Truman Federal Building consists of two monumental halves. The first was built under the New Deal for the War Department in 1940-41 (and is still commonly referred to as the War Department building).  When the War… read more

Truman Federal Building (State Department): Sculptures – Washington DC

The State Department was originally built for the War Department in 1940-41 and has been known since 2000 as the Harry S. Truman Federal Building.  It is home to three sculptures commissioned for the original War Department building. •An eagle… read more