• High School (former) - Kennewick WA
    The federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds provided funding for the construction of the old 1936 high school in Kennewick, Washington. The PWA provided a grant of $56,454; the total cost of the project was $140,054. The building has since been demolished.
  • Tri-City Country Club Golf Course - Kennewick WA
    From 1938 to 1939, the WPA constructed the first nine holes of the Tri-City Country Club golf course. From the course website: "The original Twin City Golf Club was formed in 1938. Back then the city of Kennewick purchased the property known as Hover’s Fountain Park from the KID for $100 for the purpose of creating a golf course. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) worked with the members of the Twin City Golf Club built the original 9 hole course. Kennewick specified in the first lease to the club that none of the materials or labor had been provided by...