• Bellingham High School - Bellingham WA
    "The Bellingham High School is one of the largest and finest structures of this type erected recently in northwest Washington. It is 3 stories in height with sufficient basement to take care of the heating system. It provides 20 standard classrooms; laboratories for chemistry, physics, biology, and agriculture; a woodworking shop; a machine shop; an automobile repair shop; rooms for music, arts and crafts, mechanical drawing, domestic science, office practice, typing, and stenography; a band and orchestra room; lunchrooms; a boys' gymnasium; a girls' gymnasium; an auditorium with a stage; a library; conference rooms; study rooms; and administrative offices....
  • City Hall - Bellingham WA
    From the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies: "Bellingham's second City Hall designed by Leonard William Somerville Bindon built under Public Works Administration and Federal Works Agency programs of the New Deal in the Art Deco style. Begun in 1938, it was dedicated on January 4, 1940. two stories with ten two story windows across the front... has three entrance doors in the center front."
  • Cornwall Memorial Park - Bellingham WA
    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) began improvements at Bellingham WA’s Cornwall Memorial Park in 1937. The WPA also allocated $29,000 for the construction of a state-of-the-art bowling green at the site. This was in addition to earlier improvements, which included recreation structures, playgrounds, and tennis courts as well as “the finest bowling green in the Pacific Northwest.” The work undertaken at Cornwall Memorial Park was one of a variety pursued in Washington State by New Deal agencies. The park continues to provide recreational and leisure outlets for area residents today. “Centrally located, the park offers opportunities to escape into nature with 70...
  • Fairhaven Hotel (former) Renovations - Bellingham WA
    Bellingham, Washington's old historic Fairhaven Hotel occupied the northeast corner of 12th Street and Harris Ave. "A new use for a famous old landmark in Bellingham hes been found with a recently approved Works Progress Administration project designed to convert the old Fairhaven Hotel into a community recreational center and headquarters for local public welfare agencies. ... he question of what to do with the county-owned historic building is now settled." The building is no longer extant, having been destroyed during the mid-1950s.
  • Street Improvements - Bellingham WA
    A WPA press release from Dec. 1937 reported: "The largest project scheduled to begin next week is the Bellingham street improvement work with W.P.A. aid totaling $63,348."
  • Western Washington University: Physical Education Building - Bellingham WA
    The PWA built the Physical Education building at what was then the Western Washington College of Education (docket #W1049-R). From the WWU Library Special Collections site: "The Physical Education Building, designed by Bebb and Gould of Seattle, was completed in 1936 by the Henrickson-Alstrom Construction Company. It included a 90 x 100 feet gym, a pool, offices, classrooms and shower rooms." The building is now known as "Gym D." The complex is undergoing extensive renovations, but the original building is slated to be preserved.
  • Whatcom Falls Park Walls and Bridge - Bellingham WA
    The Works Progress Administration built a bridge and walls in Whatcom Falls Park, in the vicinity of Bellingham. The bridge is in good condition and is located 100 yards from the park entrance.