• Post Office - Christiansburg VA
    Now known as the Downtown Station post office, what had been the main post office in Christiansburg, Virginia is located at the town's main intersection.  It was completed in 1936 and built from funds allocated to the U.S. Treasury Department.  In the mid-2000s it was targeted for closure by the federal government; however, effort by local, state and congressional leaders derailed that effort and the building remains open today.  The successful effort to maintain the building was in part a function of its designation as a Virginia Historical Landmark.  The exterior and interior plan of the building is very similar...
  • Post Office Mural - Christiansburg VA
    The historic downtown Christiansburg post office houses a 1939 Section of Fine Arts mural, entitled "Great Road," painted John W. de Groot. The mural is a classic example of the “historic valor” series common to many Post Offices built at this time. In this case the mural is a portrayal of the “taming of the Appalachian area frontier by woodsmen, settlers and the army.”