• CCC Camp F-30 (Hobble Creek) - Springville UT
    In 1934, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) set up Camp F-30 in Hobble Creek Canyon, about six miles east of Springville.  It was a summer season camp, consisting only of tents on wooden platforms.  Hobble Creek Camp (F-30) was located in what is now Cherry Campground (moving there from another nearby location in 1934). The US Forest Service website says that F-30 only operated in 1934-36, with operations shifted to Camp F-40 in Provo, a few miles north of Springville, up to 1941. Baldridge (p 122) contradicts this, saying that F-30 continued to be used as a summer spike camp until...
  • Hobble Creek Bridge - Springville UT
    The federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) constructed a bridge at Hobble Creek in Springville, Utah at Second East Street.
  • Springville Museum of Art - Springville UT
    In 1935-37, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) built an art museum for the city of Springville UT.  The building was designed in the style of the Spanish Colonial Revival style by local architect Claud S. Ashworth. The Nebo School District donated the land, the town of Springville granted $29,000 in materials and tools, and the Mormon/LDS church offered another $20,000. The WPA contribution was $54,000, chiefly in labor costs. WPA workers also manufactured the decorative tile for the museum. The Springville Museum of Art is, in fact, the oldest museum in Utah for the visual fine arts. In 1964, a two story wing was...
  • Swamp Draining - Springville UT
    The Civil Works Administration (CWA) undertook a project involving the "draining of swamp lands northwest of ... the work employing about 20 men. With an aim of destroying mosquito breeding grounds this CWA project will constitute one of the many city improvements brought about by the recent employment program." Work on this project began in January 1934.