• Post Office (former) - Lamesa TX
    This classic New Deal post office was built in 1937 with Treasury Department funds. The post office has since relocated, and the historic building is now used by the Lamesa Independent School District.
  • Post Office (former) Mural - Lamesa TX
    Artist Fletcher Martin painted this Section of Fine Arts oil-on-canvas mural "The Horse Breakers" in 1940 for the Lamesa post office. The post office has since moved, but the mural remains in its original location in what is now a school district office. "'The Horse Breakers' is an oil-on-canvas mural that was painted by artist Fletcher Martin in 1939. During that time, Martin – who reportedly was a self-taught artist – was a visiting teacher in art schools in California. He died in 1979 at the age of 75 in New York City. "Martin was awarded a commission by the federal agency...