• Gymnasium - Hamilton TX
    The Works Progress Administration built a gymnasium with native stone walls on a concrete foundation in Hamilton, Texas between 1939 and 1940. The official project number was 65-1-66-140.
  • Post Office - Hamilton TX
    This post office in Hamilton was constructed with New Deal funds in 1940.
  • Post Office Mural - Hamilton TX
    This fresco secco mural "Texas Rangers in Camp" by Ward Lockwood was completed with Treasury Section of Fine Arts funds in 1942.
  • Roadside Park - Hamilton TX
    This picnic area on U.S. 281 in Hamilton County is an early roadside park constructed by the Texas Highway Department (now Texas Department of Transportation). This roadside park was completed in 1936 to accommodate motorists attending the State's Centennial Events. This park is home to the 1936 Pink County Centennial Marker. Listed on TX DOT flyer as a surviving depression era roadside park. These early picnic area were constructed by young men of the National Youth Administration (NYA). Construction of park facilities was quite labor-intensive. NYA workers usually quarried and dressed their own stone and felled their own trees for lumber. Stone...