• Blinn College: Marie Heineke Memorial Gymnasium - Brenham TX
    The Marie Heineke Memorial Gymnasium was built in 1938-40 by Blinn College and the Work Projects Administration.
  • Brenham High School Gymnasium - Brenham TX
    "Constructed with locally available building materials in the traditions of the Rustic Style, the Brenham High School Gymnasium combines a native fieldstone veneer with metal factory-sash and massing reminiscent of the International Style. Ranging from 1 to 3 stories, the structure is composed of geometric building blocks which express the different functions housed within... The gymnasium was constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1939-40. It is similar to the WPA constructed gymnasium on the Blinn College campus. The property is an excellent example of Rustic architecture that characterized labor-intensive craftsmanship, government building in the 1930s. Its use of local stone...
  • Fireman's Park Improvements - Brenham TX
    The Brenham Fire Department established Fireman's Park in 1884.The Fire Department gave the park to the City of Brenham in 1917 "for cancellation of the department's indebtedness to the city." The Works Progress Administration made improvements to the park consisting of a two-story hut, a kitchen, a beer garden, an American Legion Hall and a sixteen-sided building that houses an antique carousel.
  • Washington County Courthouse - Brenham TX
    The current Washington County Courthouse in Brenham, Texas is the fourth courthouse constructed for the county. Architect Travis Broesche designed the 3-1/2 story building in an Art Deco style with a limestone veneer over structural steel. The courthouse was built with Works Progress Administration assistance in 1939 by contractor C.L. Browning, Jr. There is minimal ornamentation except for light stands and cast aluminum eagles at the entries.