• Community Center (former) - Belton TX
    The National Youth Administration constructed a community center built of native limestone rock quarried near Belton in 1941. The structure was a rustic design, in Yettie Polk Park, located near the old club house. The work began in summer of 1941. The project, approved by the President in September, was projected to cost $28,000. NYA furnished $22,000 for labor and the local sponsor provided $6,000 for materials, tools and equipment. Excavation for foundation was completed in October and the concrete pouring began in late October. By November, the foundation had been completed, quarrying was in progress at the old limestone...
  • Harris Community Park - Belton TX
    The National Youth Administration provided labor to beautify the park for African Americans in Belton in 1938. They constructed a native rock speaker stand and four picnic tables with benches. Twenty-three youth, including both White and African American, were employed on the work. The entrance gate was also made of natural rock, and a the park was surround by a low fence. Five natural rock flower beds were constructed. The speakers stand held a plaque indicating construction by the NYA. The park is located between N. Smith and N. Alexander streets north of the Harris Community Center (former school).
  • Highway 81 Roadside Park (former) - Belton TX
    Roadside park built by the National Youth Administration in Cooperation with the Texas Highway Department in 1936. The roadside park was along HWY-81 near the Lampasas River. When I-35 was built replacing HWY-81 the roadside park was destroyed. Located at what is now a pullout along the side of the I-35 access road, all that remains is the historic marker. At the same location is the 1936 Pink Centennial Marker to Bell County. From roadside study (link below): "One example, a park in Belton constructed in November 1939, employed 50 NYA youth in cooperation with the THD and was to “include picnic...
  • T. B. Harris High School (former) - Belton TX
    When the school for African American students burned in 1935, Belton sought a federal grant from the Public Works Administration (PWA) to replace the school and repair and renovate three other schools. PWA project 1431 for a grant of $13,590 was awarded 9/25/1935. Newspaper items used the terms PWA and WPA in referencing the new T. B. Harris School and repairs to the other city schools, but total amounts equal the cited costs and dates in the Texas region PWA records and it seems evident that the funds were provided by the Public Works Administration. Funds were secured in the...
  • Yettie Polk Park Improvements - Belton TX
    National Youth Administration (NYA) labor provided 23 picnic units, a new bridge of native rock and steel across the wading pool at Yettie Polk Park. The bridge at the south end of the park was widened, native rock sides constructed, and 225 feet of retaining wall built from the bridge to the creek bank. NYA also built the pavilion in the park, a pedestrian bridge, and small rock fences. The bridge is marked with a National Youth Administration plaque.