• Baytown Historical Museum - Baytown TX
    Originally built as the Goose Creek post office, the historic Baytown Historical Museum building was originally constructed in 1936 as the city's post office and Federal Building. Construction was funded by the federal Treasury Department. The building houses an example of New Deal artwork.
  • Baytown Historical Museum Mural - Baytown TX
    The historic Baytown Historical Museum building (formerly Federal Building / post office) houses an example of New Deal artwork: "Texas," a fresco mural by Barse Miller. The mural was commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. It was restored in 2011 at a cost of $14,000.
  • Post Office - Baytown TX
    This post office was constructed in 1936 with Treasury Department funds. Consolidation of Goose Creek, Pelly and Baytown, took place on February 15, 1947 and the new city was called Baytown. The Post Office department designated the Goose Creek Office as the main Post Office and the Baytown and Pelly offices were made substations. This, the original Baytown post office, became substation A. The building is one story buff brick with white cement accents around the doors and front windows. Spanish tile roof. Cornerstone: Henry Morgenthau Jr. Secretary of the Treasury James A. Farley Postmaster General Louis A. Simon Supervising Architect Neal A. Meleck Supervising Engineer 1936