• Apponaug Post Office - Warwick RI
    This standard, Colonial Revival post office was built as a New Deal project. Examples of this building can be seen all over the country. This building serves as the central post office for the city of Warwick, and is notable for its 1942 mural by Paul Sample depicting local shellfishers.
  • Apponaug Post Office Murals - Warwick RI
    Completed in 1942, this mural “Apponaug Fishermen” by artist Paul Sample depicts local shellfishers in Apponaug Cove. It resides in the Apponaug Post Office, dedicated in 1940.
  • Beach Avenue Sidewalks - Warwick RI
    Sidewalks lining Conimicut's Beach Avenue. Parts have been replaced and removed over the years, but WPA stamps remain.
  • Department of Public Works Equipment Terminal - Warwick RI
    A two-story International Style building, intended to house the city's Department of Public Works, built by the WPA in 1936.
  • Goddard Memorial Park Improvements - Warwick RI
    WPA crews built fireplaces and reproduction Narragansett Indian villages for Warwick's 300th anniversary in 1936. Crews also built a field house in the park, but it does not appear to be extant. The precise location of fireplaces is unclear in the roughly 400 acre park.
  • Hangar No. 1, T. F. Green Airport - Warwick RI
    This PWA building was constructed in 1937-38 and demolished in 2013. A two-story Art Deco building intended to house both hangar and terminal facilities. The architects were Jackson, Robertson & Adams. The building was torn down as a safety measure for a runway extension.
  • James T. Lockwood High School (former) Repairs - Warwick RI
    In 1938, a massive hurricane destroyed or damaged many public and private buildings in Rhode Island. Among these buildings was the James T. Lockwood High School of Warwick. Edward O. Ekman of Providence was hired to draw plans for the reconstruction of this 1925 building. It is currently occupied by condominiums.
  • Nelson W. Aldrich High School - Warwick RI
    A long, low Colonial Revival school with a portico and pediment. One of the last major commissions of its architects, William R. Walker & Son. Has served as a junior high school since Veterans Memorial was opened in 1955.
  • Oakland Beach School - Warwick RI
    A mundane Colonial Revival structure serving the Oakland Beach neighborhood of Warwick. The architects were William R. Walker & Son of Providence.
  • Samuel Gorton High School - Warwick RI
    A long, low Art Deco building constructed by the PWA in 1938-39. Originally a high school, it is now used as a junior high. The architect was Edward O. Ekman, of Providence.
  • Suburban Parkway Landscaping - Warwick RI
    By 1940, the tracks of the former Warwick Railroad had been removed from the center of Suburban Parkway in Oakland Beach. As a WPA project, this center strip was landscaped.
  • Waterworks - Warwick RI
    A waterworks construction project in Warwick, Rhode Island was undertaken with the assistance of federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds. The PWA supplied a $45,352 loan and $12,951 grant for the project, whose total cost was $59,268; construction occurred between May and October 1934. PWA Docket No. RI 979.