• Isla de Mona Reforestation - PR
    Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration forestry division efforts included reforestation work on Isla de Mona during the 1930s. Dept. of the Interior report: Mona Island—lying in the Mona passage separating Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic—some 25 square miles in extent, formerly rich in tropical timber, and virtually a deserted island, with two cave-dwelling families and three lighthouse keepers as its sole inhabitants, is now being reforested.
  • Mona Airfield Maintenance - Isla de Mona PR
    Youth employed by the National Youth Administration carried out maintenance work at the Mona Airfield on Mona Island. “Campos is one of the Mona boys engaged in clearing and maintaining the Mona Air Field, strategic L-shaped landing field controlling historic Mona Passage midway between Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico. Campos is also champion boxer of the project.”