• High School (former) - Waynesboro PA
    A high school in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania was constructed between March 1936 and April 1937, enabled by the provision of a federal Public Works Administration (PWA) grant. The New Deal grant amounted to $144,855 toward the $322,230 eventual total cost of the project. The location of the building is unknown to Living New Deal, though we suspect it has since been demolished. PWA Docket No. Penn. 1171
  • Post Office - Waynesboro PA
    The stately long-serving post office in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania was constructed in 1935 with federal Treasury Department funds.
  • Waynesboro Armory - Waynesboro PA
    The historic Waynesboro Armory "was built in 1938, and is a one-story, "I"-plan brick building in the Moderne style. It consists of three sections: administration building, drill hall, and stable. Its construction was funded in part by the Public Works Administration." The Public Works Administration (PWA) provided a $30,000 grant for the project, whose total cost was $93,485. PWA Docket No. 1821.